Massive £33m masterplan to transform Bootle into buzzing neighbourhood is a step closer

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Worked with these guys to create the artwork for the Bootle Time tunnel back of the ASDA behind Bootle New Strand.

They also set up the Lock and Quay Pub in Bootle.

Brian Dawe CEO of SAFE Regeneration.

News link below... ... e-17764045

FAB stuff Bri :D

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Hi Mack
The photo of the canal just blows my mind. Looks like a nice peaceful pond with posh houses on the side. :wink: We used to walk all the way past Netherton just to find a place to swim. Remember the canal by King Dicks. It was a dumping place with oily slicks on top of the water. Seems like you guys have cleaned it all up and made it all posh like. Police used to tell us there was all kinds of bad things in the water. Maybe even a few bodies at the bottom. :shock:
Cooksons Bridge was another place for a nice quiet swim. Some people used to fish there as well.
Home of the "Edmonton Oilers" Future Stanley Cup Champions. :D
A long way from Duncan B.C. :wink:
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Missed this, but apparently the plans were rejected by Sefton Council Planning February 2021.

Can't quite get my head around the need for two car parking spaces per home.

Decision is being appealed.

Below from Scottie Press.


Council members vote to reject £41m regeneration project aiming to create 187 affordable homes and 110 new jobs for local people,
despite a petition from 600 local residents.

A planning application for Destination Bootle, the UK’s largest community-led housing project in one of Britain’s most disadvantaged communities, has been rejected by Sefton Council due to concerns about the number of car parking spaces.

The decision means that £41m of public and private sector investment that had been secured for the project, subject to planning permission, is now in danger of being withdrawn.

According to an independent economic assessment, the Destination Bootle development would create 110 local jobs and contribute £3.8m annually to the local economy, but this is now under threat because of an inaccurate assessment of local car use.

The planning committee cited advice from the Councils Highways that the plans should include TWO car parking spaces for every home – despite only 5% of households in the area owning TWO cars, and only 29% owning even ONE.

All the homes in the scheme were due to be let on an ‘affordable’ basis, helping local people on low incomes get a place or a foot on the housing ladder. More affluent families that might be able to afford two cars would be unlikely to qualify for an affordable home.
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From the Sefton Planning Committee meeting on February 17 2021.

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Stephen Birch
Transport Planning and Highway Development Manager at Sefton Council
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom142 connections
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Sefton Council Sefton Council
University of Liverpool University of Liverpool

Skilled Team Manager with extensive experience of transportation and environment work in both local government and the private sector. Skilled in Transportation Planning, Project Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management, Sustainability, Stakeholder Management and Change Management. Strong professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Freshwater Biology from University of Liverpool.
What a decision to stop this project on parking a brown site turned into new housing and community
with a loss of council tax and jobs
well done Mr Birch I wonder if he designed switch island
bootle born altcar road
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From the Tax Payers' Alliance site published April 7 2021.

Sefton Council salaries. Figures are pounds sterling.

We've come a long way from the days of the Town Clerk .

_______________________________________ SALARY_____________________PENSION___TOTAL

Chief executive________________________144,914______________________ 40,202___185,116

Executive director - place______________ 114,951______________________ 31,989___146,940

Executive director - people_____________114,951_______________________31,940___146,891

Executive director – projects
(fixed term)___________________________114,951_______________________ 31,820___146,771

Head of corporate resources/
executive director of corporate resources
and customer services_________________ 99,466________________________ 27,593___127,059


Head of health and wellbeing
(director of public health)_______________ 88,620________________________24,584____113,204

Head of communities___________________85,252________________________23,359____108,611

Head of locality services________________83,944________________________23,353____107,297

Head of highways and public protection_83,944________________________23,325____107,269

Head of commercial development_______83,944________________________23,318____107,262

Head of economic growth and housing__83,944________________________23,287____107,231

Head of strategic support_______________83,844________________________23,360____107,204

Executive director of adult
social care and health___________________80,308_______________________22,425_____102,733

Executive director of children's
social care and education________________80,308______________________ 22,384_____102,692

Sorry Bob, couldn't find any info on corpy pay rates for painters. :D :D :D
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