Scam charity, 'Forces Support' Bootle New Strand

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Copied from Facebook:
Support the Forces Charity/ "business" opening in Bootle strand, Liverpool.
They Raised £1.2 million last year but only gave 19% to charitable causes according to their charity committee files. ... id=1157531
We do not want ROUGE CHARITY In our shopping centre. SHARE NOW and let's stop it opening.
CEO: Bill Maccance has never served a day in his life nor has any of his family. (Just another conman)
Claiming to support the forces but hasn't helped a single ex service man or woman since they opened 2010 !!
Please share this amongst your groups and do not buy or donate to this store if you think you are helping the forces you are not.
This business is based in Portsmouth and have never certainly helped anyone in the North west.
If charities were awarded Stars like hotels or Restaurants this would be a one star charity.
A big thanks to Bootle strand centre management for agreeing to investigate this bogus charity but unfortunately Bootle strand this is not the first time you have let bogus armed forces charities in. Why do you keep doing it? Please check the armed forces charity that want to operate here by searching their charity committee websites and look for their case study's in relation to the funds they generate ! £1.2 taking in 2015 and only a few gardens were landscaped. The rest profit to the business NO NO NO not welcome here !
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asked one of these rats whats your service number (mines 24194049) WHATS YOUR MATE :?: where did you serve etc he wouldnt answer me kept shying away found out they get bused from blackbool every day and they get £50 a day in there hand :twisted: so they have gone bankrupt and have no money bet they have property in spain hidden bank accounts etc :twisted: :( .................. the worst thing i have done in my life was helping our barmaid with the shutters when when they got stuck has she was closing the bar one night :(
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