Using our "I'm Looking for" section (updated)

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Using our "I'm Looking for" section (updated)

Postby Mack » Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:35 pm

Welcome to our "I'm Looking for" section.

Please feel free to leave a message here if you are looking for family + friends you've lost touch with from Bootle.

Please avoid leaving your email details here online for your own safety.

The easiest + safest way to get in touch is to join our Bootle Forum then send a private "PM - Personal Message" or a private "email" to the person you wish to contact when you are logged in here.

Useful Links...

Best wishes

Mack ( site admin )



One thing I've noticed if you are still using Internet Explorer as opposed to Microsoft's latest Edge browser with SSL enabled to visit our Bootle forum that is that there is an annoying message that pops up in a yellow box bottom of the web browser displaying the following message...

Only secure content is displayed - What's the risk - with a box saying 'Show all content'.


The fix for this old browser issue is as follows...

Turn off "only secure content is displayed"

To do this click on the cog icon top right of Internet Explorer

Then click on Internet options...

A pop up box will appear on screen.

Click on the tab 'Security'

Custom level>>>Scroll down to: Display mixed content>>>Enable>>>OK

Restart IE.

The yellow pop up box should now stop appearing bottom of each page when visiting a different page.

It's annoying I know to have to do this if you are still using IE but it's a old web browser that has not been updated for ages however many people still use it using Windows 7. This fix should work though if you are still using it.

Hope this helps if anyone is having issues with Internet Explorer.



I've added a video link which displays how to do this...

Hope this helps

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