Help with Ancestory

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Help with Ancestory

Postby JonesC1994 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:55 pm

I have been searching for my family history for a while and I'm as far as about 1790 roughly 7/8 generations, but on some relatives I can't find much or they have the same name as a lot of other people born in their year and area.

Can anyone give me any tips on searching for these reccords as to not go off track in future!

I'm really trying to find
Margaret Kennedy she married William Patrick Murphy in September 1943 Birkenhead but nothing on her prior to this...
Also Robert Murphy married Lily Coles in 1913 Birkenhead same situation with him nothing on his parents or were about a before, I wonder if he was Irish? My Nan said he had a slight accent.

Thanks in advance!
Chelsea X
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Re: Help with Ancestory

Postby Thommos sister » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:22 am

Hi Chelsea, 1913 marriage is in Cheshire BMD, they married at St Mary's Birkenhead. If you look in the births you will find about 6 children born to them.
You may have to send for the marriage certificate for 1943 marriage. You could look in the 1939 register for the first couple at FMP. Have you Lily's family in 1911, she was 27 with her parents a domestic servant. Too many Robert Murphy's and with no age or birthplace, makes it difficult. Again 1939 may reveal something for you. Cheers T.S :D
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