Las Vegas massacre

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Las Vegas massacre

Postby filsgreen » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:21 pm

Can't believe no one has mentioned this tragedy, have we become immune to these tragedies? I'm not being critical here, to be honest, it's not until the channel 4 news this evening, that I've paid attention yo the news item.

I've been indifferent to learning more until tonight, after thinking about it; I think my disinterest may be due to the fact that I cannot do anything to change things. Some Americans want change, but the NRA are so strong, and along with the support of President Trump, it's unlikely that semi automatic weapons will be banned. As a consequence, maybe I have become indifferent to it.
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby john j connell » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:05 pm

The man was a coward, the premeditated slaughter of innocent defenceless people, how brave is that, and you are right the NRA are all powerful no way will they ban the private ownership of multiple firearms.JJC.
john j connell
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby fatboyjoe90 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:01 pm

I can’t comprehend how one human being, could cause so much carnage on other human beings. As John said this thing was a coward.
Cheers Joe.
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby oldroanerroamer » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:10 pm

Unfortunately the US obsession with gun ownership and Trumps support of the NRA means the next US shooting horror story is only a matter of time.
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby sheila » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:59 pm

my husbands great niece was at the concert and she with her boyfriend ran towards the Tropicana hotel only to be met by people rushing out of that hotel shouting that there was a gunman inside, even though there wasn't so there was a lot of panicked people not knowing where to go. she eventually made her way to the roof of a nearby building and hid by air conditioning units whislt talking to her mother who was in California. she is home now but very traumatised by it all, which she is bound to be and it will take some time for her to recover as we know with our granddaughters who were at the Manchester arena.
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby filsgreen » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:48 am

ORR, I don't think the American people are obsessed with guns. Since the America's were colonised the gun has been an essential part of their life and as such, I feel it is part of their psyche. Many other countries find it hard to understand, the UK had access to pistols and rifles until the start of the 20c, as such we have a much different perspective.

I suppose the car would be a good correlation, which is something the gun lobbyists try to use as an excuse for all the deaths firearms cause. They claim that cars cause as many deaths as guns do, but according to Channel 4 research, they found that their claim to be erroneous

I'll use the car to contend that we have become
totally dependent on them and that if the Gov't wanted to ban them now, there would be an uproar. As with the anti gun lobby, there would be support for a car ban by the green party and other anti car supporters.

It would be argued that we need our cars and it doesn't matter if they killed nearly 1800 and seriously injured 24000 in 2016 in the UK. It's the price we pay to have them. In the US there were 13286 gun deaths in 2015, since 1968, there have more people killed by guns than there were killed in all of the wars America have been involved in.

Could it be contended that if we had the same population as America, that number of 1800 would be multiplied by five, which would bring a figure of 9000, closer to the gun deaths in America. How many vehicle deaths would be tolerated, before the general public in the UK wanted cars banned?

I'm sure we are all appalled by the amount of deaths on the UK roads, but how many is too many? Or is it because the majority of deaths are accidental, that they are tolerated? What I'm trying to say, is that Americans have grown up with guns and the majority accept the deaths, albeit I'm sure reluctantly.

It could be argued that the majority of Americans want to keep their right to bear arms, in much the same way the most of the British want to keep their cars. But just like the petrol heads that have many cars, there are many "Gun nuts" in America that have veritable arsenals.

Like the one bad apple in all walks of society, you get the likes of Mark Chapman and Stephen Paddock, who ruin it for the rest of the law abiding gun owners in the USA. I've no idea why Paddock would want to shoot his fellow Americans; I could contend that it was for infamy, thinking that his life would be of note, even if it was only to criminologists, who knows.
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Re: Las Vegas massacre

Postby WatsonTommy » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:52 pm

all because he didn't like country music :roll:
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