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This was on a Brit Link that I belong to - just love it:

Kay Roney
I have read a number of poems written by 'Scousers', I really like this one...

Of all the cities in the world,
London, Paris , Rome,
You won’t find any finer,
Than the one that I call home,
She is a part of who I am,
My flesh, my blood, my bone,
When you are born a scouser,
You’ll never walk alone
Looking out across the Mersey
Her three graces steal the show
You won’t find any finer
No matter where you go
She’s changed a bit since I was young
Time does that to a place
But she never lost her magic
I’m still held in her embrace
She has a style all of her own
Its seen on every street
You can hear her in the voices
Of the people that you meet
And wherever your life takes you
All the world around
She’s there on every jukebox
With her distinctive Mersey sound
The Beatles and The searchers
And of course.. the Merseybeats
Gerry and the Pacemakers
A sound straight from her streets
The Iron door on temple street
I remember way back when
And of course The Cavern Club
It was swinging there back then
We’d go dancing in The Grafton
The Rialto and Coconut Grove
At supper time a pan of scouse
Would be waiting on the stove
Looking smart in brand new kecks
With grease to style your hair
You’d stand next to Dicky Lewis
And hope she’d meet you there
A day out over the water
Was as far as we would stray
We’d watch the Punch and Judy show
New Brighton for the day
Windswept on the Mersey
As the quay and I did part
But I knew I’d be returning
So I left behind my heart
With two very fine Cathedrals
Her skyline has been blessed
She also has two football teams
Much better than all the rest
Everybody loves the footy
Whether red or Blue
Both our teams are dynamite
We fetched home a cup or two
Laughter was born in this city
Our humour is unique
With Sir Ken Dodd and Mickey Finn
Even Bleak times weren’t that bleak
This place has launched a thousand ships
And she’s built a fair few too
and her Liverbirds watched over
Every Vessel passing through
Everybody loves a bevvy
In this place that I call home
We love to let our hair down
And we don’t do it alone
Whether after work or Friday night
Or of course, after the game
We’ll raise a glass to together
We all love that just the same
From the Albert Dock to Scottie road
From The Echo to the Philly
I love every single inch of her
I don’t care if that sounds silly
The old and new, the been and gone
Where else would I want to be?
From now until my dying day
It’s Liverpool for me.

Sarah Morris Armer 2018©️LIVERPOOL
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Love it Patricia! thanks for posting it! :D

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