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bob. b
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From Bobby's lad
Just like to tell everyone who knew my dad or played with or against him that he passed away peacefully at home this morning he was 85 .

RIP Mr Bobby Boardman great player and a great person to football always will be remembered by Bootle JOC ex Players
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Sorry to hear that, Bob, RIP Bobby Boardman.
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miv donelan
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Sad news about your dad Bob, my condolences to you and your family.
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So sorry to read about your Dad's passing. Sending sincere condolences to You & Your Family.
RIP Bobby Boardman.
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Condolences to you Bob and your family, so sorry to hear about your dad passing away. R.I.P. Bobby

A bit of Bootle in Wales
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condolences on your loss Bob.
Bill fawcett
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Bob,condolences to you and your family on your great loss.

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With the greatest respect to all bbs.
Unless I am mistaken I think there is some confusion with the initial post.
Bob b was posting a message sent to him by Bobby Boardman Jnr about the passing of his dad Bobby Boardman Snr
Bob bs surname is not Boardman.
I hope this doesn't cause upset or offence

However, RIP Bobby Boardman Snr.

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Bernie R
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Thanks for that Keith - I think you're correct about the confusion.

Condolences to the Boardman family.

Born and raised in Romeo Street, later Lambeth Walk, Jersey Close, Garden Place, Hawthorne Rd, Gonville Rd now Netherton
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Thanks, Keith.
Eddy Lloyd
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Lovely guy and a really good player. Condolences to family and friends. R.I.P Bobby.
bob. b
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Thanks, Keith just come back yes it was Bobby Boardman Jnr
See the confusion with Bob. B
Thanks again, Keith.
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