Our Yorkshire Farm Tuesday's 9 pm Channel 5

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Our Yorkshire Farm Tuesday's 9 pm Channel 5

Postby ALAMO2008 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:38 pm

My Wife wanted to watch this SuperMum of 9 kids having read about her.

I hate watching programmes about large families living off Benefits.

How Wrong I was, when we watched it on Demand 5 yesterday, two hour long episodes of four
back to back.
This Ex model living on a Remote hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales with a Husband 20 years older and 9 kids and a Thousand Sheep she helps tend.
Watched in awe as she teaches and gets her One year old to bottle feed a lamb.
Her 2 year old watches a Still Born Lamb get skinned by Dad, so it can be adopted by another ewe that had a stillborn lamb.
Her 4 year old girl, pulls out and delivers a new lamb from an Ewe including the afterbirth and opens the newborns mouth to get it to breath.
Her 6 year old works and helps in the Barn on mechanics, where he has been helping, since he was 4, his elder brother of 14 years who can strip a Tractor.
All the kids work as a team helping on the farm without any moans or fighting.
But still full of Fun and Laughter.
Mum delivered her 8th child in front the fire at home on her Own.
The kids have a 2hr bus journey to and from school, provided they are not snowed in.
Saw the Winter season in first episode, then the Spring in the next episode.
Never once saw any of the children with a Mobile Phone or Computer.
They knew how to light fires in the house or up on the moor to make a brew of tea.
Never seen so many happy siblings and being brought up correctly with loads of love.
A Joy to watch, can't recommend it enough.
It has restored my Faith in hope for humanity future after all.
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Re: Our Yorkshire Farm Tuesday's 9 pm Channel 5

Postby Silver-Haired-Hippy » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:38 pm

Fantastic programme Alamo, its a joy to watch, very hard workers and the kids too, but plenty of love and laughter. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

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Re: Our Yorkshire Farm Tuesday's 9 pm Channel 5

Postby graham01 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:48 pm

a real super mum. :D :D :D
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