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We have a search facility on our Bootle forum where you can easily find topics you have been following or would like to find more information about. Type in your keywords + hopefully this will help with finding that post you made ages ago. Avoid using the words "Street" and "Road" when seaching.. It will narrow down your seach to more specific keywords.

The link to our Bootle search facility is....



We look forward to seeing your photo memories of Bootle on our forum so go ahead and post your memories and thoughts... Past - Present - Future... If you get stuck with the photo stuff then just send us an email + we will help you out...

If you would like to add Bootle photo's to our forum visit our link below on how to do it... It also includes instructions on how to add your own avatar / photo of yourself to your profile.

http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/forum/vi ... =3&t=28826

Visit our Bootle Streetview page below using the link. You can explore Bootle streets just like sitting in a car and driving in any direction. For full screen view you need to click on the little square box top right of the Streetview image that displays on the web page. To exit full page view press "esc" on your keyboard.... Web link below...

http://www.bootlehistory.com/bootle-goo ... et-map.htm

Old stuff...

I thought it would make it easier for people if I stickied this near the top of the Bootle forum as a guide to where to find the photo's of Bootle Streets and audio streaming interviews recorded by residents, Past and Present.

To visit the Bootle gallery page + audio interviews from residents of Bootle from the past and present click the web link below...


Description of the photos on the archive page are below...

Bootle Gallery - Summer 2006

Oxford Rd
Junction of Merton Rd / Stanley Rd
Bootle Protestant Free Church
Trinity Rd
Bootle Cricket Club House
Wadham Rd
Queens Rd
Evolve building
Hertford Rd
Corner of Exeter Rd
Balliol Baths
Balliol Rd
Bootle Town Hall
Menai Rd
Park Lane
Watts Lane
Orrel Rd
Menai Rd
Springwell Rd
Fernhill Rd
Monfa Rd
Elizabeth Rd
Orrel Presbyterian Church
Pennington Rd
Mel-Inn Social Club - Hawthorne Rd
Hawthorne Rd
Harris Drive
New bridge development top of Hawthorne Rd
Views of Bootle from Bridge

weblink >>>
http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/b ... /index.htm


Bootle Gallery (A)

Stella Maris - demolished
Strand bridge
Marsh Lane
Stanley Road
Salisbury Pub
Irlam Road
Banks Road
Bootle Fire Station
Strand Rd

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/b ... /index.htm

Bootle Gallery (B)

Balfour Road
Linacre Road
Linacre Lane
Knowsley Road
Stanley Road
Hawthorne Road
Bootle Cresent
Bailey Drive
Hornby Road
May Logan Centre
3 Banks...

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/b ... /index.htm


Bootle Gallery (C)

Broadway Stores
The Remmy
Lathom Road
Bootle Bowling Green
St Andrews Road
Linacre Road
Hornby Road
The Triad
Bootle Salvation Army
Bootle New Strand

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/b ... /index.htm


Bootle Gallery (D)

Welcome to Bootle signpost
Litherland Road
The Jawbone
Park St
Litherland Road
Well Lane
Bootle YMCA
Hawthorne Road
Merton Road
Balliol Road
Oriel Road
Derby Road
The Talbot
Church Gardens
Forge Street
Stanley Road
The Commodore
The Pitch Pine

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/b ... /index.htm


Jan Byers Gallery - Queens Road redevelopment area - Bootle

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/j ... /index.htm


Old Bootle photo archive photographs (A)

Strand Rd (1915)
King Geoerge VI Club 1956 Knowsley Rd
Johnsons Brothers (1912) Linacre Rd
Millers Bridge (1936)
South Park Way (1950's) Prefabs after 2nd World War
Southport Rd - Breeze Hill (May 1939)
Gainsborough Social Club Knowsley Rd (1980) being demolished
Font Rd as seen from Gladstone Dock Gate
The Bootle Bull Lighthouse
Arial shot of of Bootle - includes Fernhill Rd (1930's)
Johnsons Brothers (1990)

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/x ... /index.htm


Old Bootle photo archive photographs (B)

Deseases Hospital
Morton Gardens
Balliol Baths
Volunteers Drill Shed - Park St
Day Industrial School - Marsh Lane
Arial shot - Linacre Gas Works (1930's)
Arial shot of Bootle (1930's)

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/photos/o ... /index.htm


Balfour Road archive BW old Bootle photos 1968 - 69

weblink >>> http://www.bootlehistory.co.uk/balfour_rd/index.htm