Bootle Quarry Suicide 1884

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Bootle Quarry Suicide, April 1884

Two boys were walking along the footpath that goes from Breeze Hill to Hawthorne Road and looked onto the quarry that is nearby when they observed the body of a man lying at the bottom. The body was that of a local policeman, Wilhelm van Schaick, and it was dreadfully mutilated. At eight o’clock on Sunday morning, he signed off after being on the graveyard shift at Derby Road police station. It seems from here he went to the quarry and climbed a five-foot-high railing then jumped off the edge of the quarry onto rocks below, a height of over a hundred feet. He seemed to be suffering from insomnia and this had turned him cranky. He was liked by fellow officers and leaves a wife and two children.
hundred foot deep
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Well that cheered me up Bob :lol: Ken
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Me too!!!! :)

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