Left liverpool in 1959 for Australia

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The pickups 1959
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Hi all
My name is adrian pickup, i am now 62 and left bootle south park in 1959 i was 2. Me mum vera pickup and dad bob pickup live in 25 south park square. My oldest brother graham was 12. David was 4 and Ian just 4 months when dad and mum move to australia. Is there anyone who remembers my family. Mum and dad are dead both buried in bathurst nsw but our scoucer life lives on on in Australia. Would love to talk to someone who remembers my dads motor bike and his family.
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Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:18 pm

Welcome Adrian hope some one remembers your family
most of the older members remember the prefabs Think Matt on the site lived there
with your older brother being at school that might be a way of getting info

Postby Matt » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:45 pm
Hi to all but especially George. Our prefab 13 South Park Way was exactly opposite the bottom
bowling green.I remember all the kids from Bedford,Beatrice,Benedict ,Miranda and all the other
roads round there used to hate the people in the prefabs because as they used to say"you took our footy pitch"
There used to be air raid shelters but they where along side the Balliol Road part of South Park on the part
of the park across from swings,monkey bars and the parkies hut just up from Connolly House.All the older kids in the prefabs used
to give "guided" tours of the shelters as we pried off the boards on the air/escape shafts.Inside where 4 tier metal bunks
hundreds of them.The shelters where all underground and when it came time to get rid of them explosive teams were brought in
to blow them up and all the sand(dirt) hills from the excavations was used to cover them up I think Ernie and his parents used them during the May Blitz.
I have to add.The whole of the South Park and Kings Gardens were our playground when I was growing up there but NOT
the Cenotaph and War Memorial.That to us was a place of respect.If we ever had cause to be in there no yelling,screaming or running.We would touch the
statues and the RC kids would genuflect and the rest of us would close our eyes and say "thanks ".


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The pickups 1959
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Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:31 am

Thanks for that Matt, being two years old, It went over my head but will get my older Brother to have a read- Cheers from Downunder
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