PARRY Bakery Knowsley Road / Elliot Street

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PARRY Bakery Knowsley Road / Elliot Street

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I remember the Saturday morning pics at the GAINY with the "ABC Minors" and Sonny Kenny ? trying to keep all the kids quiet ....

My father George Herbert Parry had the Bakery / Grocery shop on the corner of Eliot Street ..... I lived there as a child 1947 - 1950 .... The bakery was in the Parry family circa 1929 - 1950 and the business was originally started in Gower Street by my Grandfather who was also George Herbert Parry....

UPDATED 04/01/2019
George Herbert Parry ( Bert Parry ) was my dad. He kept the BAKERS & GROCERS shop on the corner of Knowsley Rd and Elliot Street. He sold the business in Jan 1951 and moved to Wrexham. Is this the point it became kelly's bakery ??
Bert's father also George Herbert established the business circa late 1920's ,delivering bread with a horse and cart . The phone number for the shop was Bootle 94 appears in the 1930 phone book. I remember my grandad always wearing a bowler hat, and going every day to the pub opposite Gray St for his regular pint of Guiness.

It was hard work for my dad baking bread from 4 a.m in the morning and then out delivering around Bootle and Orrell until 6 pm at night. During the bad days of the blitz the family lived in a large tent on Formby beach and travelled to Bootle early morning to commence baking.

My mother was in the grocery side but i cannot remember groceries ever being delivered. As a child i remember the late 40's and the food shortages and helping to count the food coupons to send off to the ministry every week. Saturday morning for me was a visit to the nearby Gainsborough Cinema for the ABC minors flicks...... then off to Bootle stadium with my grandad (mothers dad) to watch Bootle FC playing in the Lancashire Combination. Happy days.
Apparantly the "shop" remained a bakery until approx 2008 ??.
Also remember catching the tram or bus to the Grammar School in Balliol Rd .... late 1950 the trams were being replaced by buses.... was it route 27 or 28 ?
Summer holidays meant walking to Seaforth station and getting the overhead railway to the pier head and then the ferry to New Brighton and then the walk to New Brighton Baths...... perfection.
Bonfire night meant a bommie in Elliot St , old railway sleepers from over the railway fence at the bottom of Elliot St, by the coal yard. ... Its a wonder the windows in Elliot St didnt melt with the heat. I am sure every street around did the same.
Also remember my dad opening the bakery on Good Friday purely to sell Hot Cross Buns, nothing else. 9 am till noon or until they were all sold out.
Anybody remember the Parry Bakery .

Cheers Ken Parry, alive and kicking in North Wales
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