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Berry Street

Postby InertiaCreeps » Sun May 07, 2017 5:56 pm


I'm trying to find some images of Berry St from c.1911 as my late Grandfather at 114. The only pictures I can find are the montage from Goudie's arrest, one of extreme bomb damage of the railway in WWII, and then images of the former Railway Inn/Wharf PH which is now a scrapyard.

My Great Grandfather was born in Oriel Rd at no. 44. My Great Grandmother lived in Berry St, but was a maid in the house on Oriel Rd where she and my Great Grandfather met and fell in love. As you can image, this caused a huge fuss, so things were very awkward even after my Great Grandfather came home from the war suffering from shell-shock. Even after serving his country he was denied his inheritance of the family's timber merchants in Manchester. No one seems to know what happened to it. When he got called into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1914 the family moved further up Berry St to No. 26. He remembers there being some shops and a picture house called 'The Sun House' and the fire station up the road. He also remembers the stables at the junction of Berry St/Merton Rd the stables for the Shire horses who would pull the canal boats or the drays. My grandfather went firstly to St Mary's C of E infants near Millers Bridge. He remembered the little wooden-built shop run by a sharp-tongued but kindly old spinster called Kate. Eventually, in 1920 they got given a council house: no.14 Watts Lane, Orrel - practically in the countryside! He attended the council school and left at 13 as his father was too shell-shocked to be a carpenter/joiner.

The house in Oriel Rd is still there and if anyone knows of the Lawrence family who lived there awhile at the turn of the century, I'd love to know to be able to compare with what I've already clawed out of Ancestry. Most of the people who would know these things are either too infirm to be able to be relied upon or are dead. As I'm not known for my clairvoyance, this makes tracking down the family history just a little tricky. I have also found the house on Watts Rd.

If anyone could help me with pictures of Berry St, it would be appreciated.
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Re: Berry Street

Postby Mack » Sun May 07, 2017 11:56 pm

Welcome aboard InertiaCreeps.

Super cool username. Fingers crossed someone here on our Bootle forum will be along to help you soon :)

Bezzy wishes,

Mack ( Bootle site admin)

BTW one of my all time favourite bands 'Massive Attack' made a song similar with your username. Love this band... Video link below...

Happy posting :)
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Re: Berry Street

Postby BOBHAMO » Mon May 08, 2017 7:00 am

welcome inter :lol: :lol:
Berry street
1911 Berry street
what year oriel road when he was born
Thomas G Lawrence timber merchant ie salesman, had moved to 111 grove street bye 1887

1896 thomas lived tudor villa , broughton drive , grassendale ,timber merchant
1896 julius lawrence 171 cleveland street birkenhead timber merchant
cant find atimber yard yet
no 44 oriel road
bootle born altcar road
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