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Re: The sweetshops of Bootle

Postby Redsjparker » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:39 pm

jetjockey wrote:
IanA wrote:It was indeed. Gower Street - not very big at all - also had a good chippy, a grocer's at the corner of Moore Street, and there was a shop at the Gray Street end but I can't remember what it was. Possibly a shoe shop. There was also a little sweet shop that I used to pass on my way up Gray Street on my way to school but I didn't go in it much. (No money!)

Ian the chip shop was Dickies on the corner of Hood Street when they had the coal fired range we could look out of our door " (57 Hood Street) to see if they were open on the opposite corner was Nash's sweet shop and the next one was Mrs McKenna's on the corner with Gray Street nice old lady but never had much stock in what we referred to as little Gray Street where the school was there were 3 sweet shops one just past Knowsley Road one across from the school had a Beechnut Chewing Gum machine which gave you two every forth penny and just along from there on the same side was Parkers whose son Roy was in my class at Gray Street he was a pupil at Connie. Millington's dance school and had a fair amount of trophies
Just going back to your post in which you mention Conner's on Peel Road I remember being chased out of there for asking how much their penny bangers were did that for a dare we all kept away for a while happy days


I am Stephen Parker my old man is Roy Parker just to let you know he still has all his trophies now
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Re: The sweetshops of Bootle

Postby ronbrown11 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:05 am

Liz H wrote:The one I mainly remember was on the corner of Litherland Road and Garden Lane. I think it was called "Paynes", or something like that. I am sure the owner was called Mr Payne. It was next to a pawn shop that was very Dickensian looking when you went inside it, all wood panelled. My Nan used to go in there a lot. I loved going to Paynes for sweets and was always very excited on Wednesday, I think it was, when the Dandy and Beano came out.

Alf Payne married Maggie Morley who owned the sweet shop her father was well Known in Bootle alderman J.Morley in between the sweet shop was John Smiths the butchers and the pawn shop was Smith and Hughes I lived in Lambs Terrace from 1948 until we moved round the corner to 50 Garden Lane which was pulled down in sixties
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Re: The Sweet Shops of Bootle

Postby efc46 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:01 am

I remember the shops around gray st Me and Billy Stanfield walking to grayo one morning a woman come out of her house frantic her Budgie was on the roof Stanno climbed the drainy got the budgie gave us some money which we bought 2 flash gordon water pistols in the shop opposite grayo we filled the with( it was not water) and started squirting kids at assembly we had to step forward Mr Roberts got my pistol an emptied in my face and the pistols were thrown in the bin oh well easy come easy go we could not say anything when we got home or **# true story Billy Stanfield lives in Sydney me Brisbane I went to see him years ago Like me Billy married an Aussie girl billy lived in Spencer Street/Davey
Davey Rowlands Bootle
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