Photo - Queen's Coronation Norton Street Celebration in 1953

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Hey Bob,
Thank you for confirming "Fred" was, in fact, a rigger. I will have to curtail my laughter & take back what I always thought about him being a Solicitors' Clerk. Soo sorry, Fred.

For Sheila,
Thanks for the added info & I did not know 'Fred' went to the Labour Club or mass @ St James' & you know my Mum & Dad went in both places.
I did'nt want to mention you chasing after Fred for a Tanner as I thought I would let you say it, because if I had put it in my post the meanings always seems to get distorted, somehow. My postings on here don't travel very well, I am trying, though.
I cannot say that I ever saw Fred's wife in all the years I lived there. Strange.
My sister, Joan cannot remember seeing her, either.

For Joe,
About Liam Hickey.
I was led to beleive that he married Myra Powell from Holywell St. & he lived in the US & that he died at a young age but cannot confirm either, yet.
I do know that he married a Wendy Gerard in Northwich in 1982.
Yes, he did go to St Mary's in Crosby, to answer your question.
That's it Joe, Bob & Sheila, for now.
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I Remember the family very well - his wife was small and thin and wore glasses and they had one daughter who I believe was Margaret -I cant think of their last name. I also do not remember them going to St.James Church and at that time we knew most of the parishioners in our street. They were a very quiet family and he was always dressed as if he worked in an office.
Liam Hickey was a very good friend of my brother John and they did go to St. Marys.
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I have just read all the posts and thanks Bobhamo for coming up with the name. I also forgot to mention that Mrs. Rolands was white.
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margaret willee wrote:I new angela Reily . at Bootle very nice person ,, and Kenny cropper ,if it's the same one i went to school with .
A bit late as Usual, but I have been scrolling the entire site and came across this thread and photograph.
its good to hear nice comments about Angela Riley, though I hav'nt seen her since about 1958 She is My Cousin -Her Sister Vera married Ken Langton THEY both worked at Johnsons.
In the photograph I easily recognise Angela-Yes She was a lovely girl I hope She is still with us-does anyone know ?
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Mack wrote: Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:58 pm received earlier today from Franny D by email...

Best wishes



Hey Mack,

Can you enter the enclosed photo on to your site?


It is the Queen's Coronation Norton Street Celebration in 1953.
Loads of kids on there but not all from Norton St.
I know they had black-outs & no TV but that was rediculous!!!! Where did they all come from?
I'm on there, Terry Kennedy, Kenny Cropper( Dead centre) Liam Hickey( next to him)
One for Sheila in Oz, Angela Reilly who trained in Bootle 'Ossy & became a midwife, she is on the back row with the young baby(not hers)
Sheila Bray has got to be on there with her sisters & I hope she identifies herself.

Cheers, Mack.

Franny D
Original post from October 20 2006 (with pictures) :)

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