Bootle Council Minutes of Meetings 1884

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I have some photo copied minutes of meetings for Bootle Council from 1884.

Wednesday 29th October 1884, 4pm


The Mayor (Mr Alderman Webster) in the chair

Mr Alderman Leslie, J Musker,Poulson,Williams
Councillor Blackledge,Brewster,Cain,Clemney,Glasgow,Hill
Mr Councillor Howard,Houghton,Hughes,Ibbs,R.J Jones, W Jones,Paddock,Sergeant,Wells.

This is just a couple of the items discussed at the meeting.


The minutes of the Health Committee Meeting, held on the 14th,15th, and 20th October instant, were presented.


Resolved on the motion of Mr Councillor Hill, seconded by Mr. Alderman Williams-
That the steps taken by the Committee for the purpose of providing Hospital Accommodation for Infectious cases, be approved.


Read a letter from Mr Hale, dated 28th October, offering a site for a hospital for Infectious diseases.
Moved by Mr Councillor Hill, seconded by Mr Councillor Williams-
That the offer of Mr Hale of 3 and a half acres of land, shewn on the plan now submitted, for the erection thereon of a Hospital for Infectious Diseases at the price of £2,200 be accepted.

Moved as an amendment by Mr Councillor Cain, seconded by Mr Councillor E.J. Jones-
That the offer be referred to the Health Committee for their consideration. The original motion was, after discussion, withdrawn.


Resolved on the motion of Mr. Councillor Hill, seconded by Mr Alderman Williams-
That the remainder of the proceedings of the Health Committee be now approved and adopted.

So now we know what the hospital cost to build.

Hope you were not too bored by that, I do have quite a few more, but I will post at a later time.

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Very interesting
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