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Bootle Present

Once again Bootle finds itself undergoing major redevelopment being part of the Atlantic Gateway Strategic Investment Area.

Properties in the Queens Road area that housed many Bootle families are being demolished and the Heartlands Village project will take their place. Families that have been moved will have the option to return.

The front of the Bootle New Strand has also received a face lift. The old Housing office being the first to be relocated to a brand new development on the site of a garage which was formerly the site of the old Metropole Theatre which was destroyed on the 7th of May 1941 during the second world war.

Another major redevelopment occuring in Bootle is to an area in Bootle known as the Klondyke area. There were originally 500 houses on this estate and it was built by William Klondyke Jones at the beginning of the First World War. These houses were unique because they had an electricity supply system, however in those early days of electricity it was switched off at midnight every night. This area of Bootle is a major expanse of housing near to the Leeds to Liverpool canal and this rebuilding programme is expected like the Queens Road redevelopment to take many years.

Overall Bootle itself at Present is currently very much in a transient period with much change expected over the forthcoming years.

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Stanley Road - looking towards
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Stanley Road Bootle - Kings Gardens



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