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Re: Your mate Tommy Kerr

Postby SANDRA NACINOVICH » Wed May 24, 2017 12:32 am

matt wethered wrote:Hi Ken,what is your surname?I feel I should know you as I was at the grammar from 52 -58 and also played hockey against the girls grammar.It was always the first fifteen rugby team versus the girls field hockey team and we always got more injuries in that one game than we got the whole year playing rugby.I was in the same class as Gwillam Griffith,Keith Oswald George Atkinson(koga)Chris Dodson,Harry Fung and my best mate Tommy Kerr.Was'nt Flood the latin teacher?

Hi Matt,My name is Sandra Nacinovich(nee Nelson) Ask Tommy does he remember me that's of course you are still in touch after all these years!!! I went to the Girls Grammar Bootle.Married Merrick also Bootle Grammar we moved to Sydney 1964 and still here.
I was a girl friend of his for a short while .He joined the Navy I suppose after that he had a girl in every port !!!
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Re: Bootle Grammar in Netherton

Postby Matt » Wed May 24, 2017 12:57 am

Hi Sandra,I know you!!! Been to your house with my mate Tommy(didn't you live round Marsh Lane area?)
before we both joined the navy.He went in the Merch.and ended up on BP oil tankers as navigating officer
and I joined the RN and ended up in submarines.He married another Grammar girl
Catrin Roberts .
Sorry but I have to tell you Tommy passed away from lung cancer just before his 50th birthday
in 1992.I went to UK from Canada to see him the week before ,held him in my arms because the cancer had spread
all over his body and he could not walk or talk,told him I loved him like the brother I never had, got the plane home and he passed away while I was in the air :cry:
I am in touch with Tommy's sister Margaret(another Grammar girl) and in fact when my mother came to Canada in 1964 I lived with Toms
mum and dad when I came home on leave to Bootle
A great friend.
Sandra I am sorry this is in the form of a "normal" post but at the moment my PM is having a bit of a temper
tantrum and just will not accept any personal messages
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Re: Bootle Grammar in Netherton

Postby SANDRA NACINOVICH » Wed May 24, 2017 6:33 am

Hi again Matt,I was so sorry to hear that news so young and a sad death.These cancers are awful just recently lost two friends to it and one at the moment not very well.Please tell Margaret I do remember her at Bootle Grammar at one time we were at the same dinner table for school lunches.Thank you for your reply.Sandy
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Re: Bootle Grammar in Netherton

Postby Pkegs » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:25 pm

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