How to Post photos on our Bootle Forum

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How to Post photos on our Bootle Forum

Postby Mack » Sun May 04, 2014 2:08 am

How to post photos on our Bootle forum...

OK folks here is a quick updated guide how to post pics on our Bootle Forum.

How to post a photo on our Bootle site... Below are instruction for uploading pics using TINY PIC, PHOTOBUCKET and POST IMAGE ...

Please read instructions below... NEW INSTRUCTIONS for TINY PIC, PHOTOBUCKET and POST IMAGE 2015

If you are using photographs sourced from another website related to Bootle photography from the past it is good etiquette to acknowledge the original source in the post.


METHOD 1 - TINY PIC ... updated April 2015...

Using TINY PIC to upload your pictures to our Bootle Forum quickly.

Mack here...

Visit the website below...


Click "Choose File"

You can resize the pic on the upload page

Then click upload now.

Copy the code from "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" into your message when you post here.


How to add a picture to your avatar/profile - Updated April 2015

When adding a picture to your profile it is important that you use a small image.

For instance look at my avatar below...


Go to...


1. Find the picture you want as your avatar and click on the "Browse"tab.
We actually want to resize the pic so click on the drop down menu and select "100 x 75 (avatar).

3. Click "Upload" at the bottom and wait as the program converts the size and uploads your pic.

4. Once the program has done its magic you will then see a new window open with linking codes. The one to use for the resized avatar is
"Direct Link for Layouts".
nb:direct links always begin with "http". You also use "Direct Links" if you are using Photobucket or any other photo hosting website.

5. Left click and copy the text in the box showing the link. We now have the link to the avatar pic you wish to add saved on the clipboard and now want to add this to the Avatar next to your posts on our Bootle site.

6. Make sure you are logged into your account on our Bootle site and click on "User Control Panel" top left.

7. You will then see a drop down box box called "Overview".

8. Click on it and scroll down to "Profile".

9. you will now see a drop down box called "Edit profile"

10. Click on it and scroll down to "Edit avatar".

11. On this page it will say "Link to off-site Avatar: Here you enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image you wish to link to".

12. Now click "Paste" into the box next to it and then click "submit". Your new avatar will now be displayed next to every post you make, including all your older posts too.

13. If you ever want to change your Avatar pic at any point in the future follow the instructions above and copy the new "Direct Link" code into the same box at the bottom and remember to click "submit".

14. NB: Remember you need to be logged into your account on our Bootle History website to access your "Profile" to make any changes to it.



1. For uploading pics using PHOTOBUCKET go to and sign up for a free account.

2. Make sure you know where the pics are on your computer that you wish to upload (generally it's easier to make a folder on your desktop and put copies of your pics in there so you know where to find them).

3. When you are logged on to your Photobucket account click on "Library" top left next to "home".

4. Scroll down to "View Library" a new page will now open called "Your Bucket" top left of the page.

5. You now need to click "Create New Album". This appears just below "Library" on the top left of the page.

6. Name your album in the box that appears on your screen, you can add a description too. Now click the "Create button" bottom of the pop up window to now view your new empty album were you are going to upload your photos and share with others.

7. Your newly created emtpy gallery is where you can upload your photo. Look for the name of your new folder on the left in photobucket and click on it.

8. You will will now see that the album is empty and a message saying "upload now"in the box below.

9. Click on this link and drag and drop your photos into this window. You can also drag and drop photos into this box too from your computer - best thing is to make the content you are uploading on your computer easy to find so save it on your desktop in a folder if you want to upload your photo's quickly to Photobucket. You can also click on "choose Photos and videos" which will open up your folders were you have the content located - select the folder and make sure it is open showing your photos or video content.

10. Click "open".

11. your photo has now uploaded to Photobucket in this new library section of your pics.

12. You can now share the photo or Library with your friends and family. If you want to share a single photo from your library you need to click on the photo in your library, top right of the image. You will see a cog wheel with more options.

13. A new window pops up. At the bottom you will see "IMG codes (for forum boards)".

14. Click on the one at the bottom called "IMG codes". This will copy the linking code to your clip board. You can either now right click and paste this code to a notepad document or wordpad or word.

14.For safe keeping and do this for all your pics in Photobucket. You then copy these codes into your message body window here on our Bootle Forum (the part of our forum where you type your message).

Mack (Bootle site admin).


Bezzy wishes


Mack (Bootle site admin)


YOUR AVATAR - NEW option added April 2015

How to add a pic to your "Profile" NEW... NB: You need to be logged in to your account on our Bootle Forum.

1. Click on "User Control Panel" top left of the forum "There may be a delay so please wait until it displays".

2. Click on "Overview"

3. In the drop down menu click on "Profile"

4. Next to "Profile you will now see "Edit Profile"

5. In the drop down menu you will see "Edit Avatar"

6. In this section you can now upload your "Avatar" directly from your computer to your profile Upload from your machine: (new feature).

7. Click on the "Browse" button to navigate to the photo you wish to upload and display as your "Profile" pic.

8. The maximum size "dimensions" are 110 pixels x 110 pixels.

9. If the photo is too big or small you will not be able to upload it.

10. you will need to resize it using photo editing software on your computer.

11. When you have the correct sizes for your "Avatar" you can now click "Submit" to update your "Profile".

12. Please wait while the photo uploads (may take a few moments).


NB 1 : All the other methods I've provided previously still work, unless it it related to Imageshack which was discontinued.
This is just a new option to try.
It needs a little more work learning this so give it a try and see how you get on.

NB 2: If it is a bit slow loading the "Control Panel" page please be patient, it will load but probably not as fast as all the other pages on our website.

Mack :)


How to post photos on our Bootle Forum
Another way to upload...
Updated January 2015...

Just found another site that allows you to upload photos from your computer.

This has actually been around for a very long time and I was totally unaware of it.

The website is Postimage

It's very similar to Tinypic

All the instructions nearly remain the same as Tinypic

The only difference with using Post Image is that you use the Hotlink for Forums (1) link.
Copy it to your clipboard and post it here in your message.
It's very similar to the old Imageshack uploader that was discontinued.

For your avatar link with this site use the "Direct Link" code to copy here on our Bootle site.

Hope this helps :)



PS: there is an option to integrate this into our forum but I'll hold back on doing this for the time being.
I just wanted to give everyone new options to try first who don't have paid for image hosting.
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